SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm

SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm new

SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm


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  • Powerful and easy-to-operate electric forklift
  • Optimized flow distribution in the steering system
  • Adjustable steering wheel for higher comfort and agility
  • Double front wheel brake system for higher safety and reliability
  • Duplex telescopic mast and a powerful lifting system
  • Rated capacity: 2500 kg
  • Load center: 500 mm
  • Max lifting height: 3000 mm
  • Free lifting height: 145 mm
  • Max speed (unloaded/loaded): 13/12 (15/14) km/h
  • Battery capacity: 48V/600Ah
  • Great balance for efficient operation and reliable steering
  • Digital display of parameters and buttons for better control



SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cmSMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm

Powerful and easy-to-maneuver electric forklift for load transfer in any environment

This battery-powered electric forklift is the perfect partner for work in demanding environments. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in narrow aisles and tight spaces. The double telescopic mast supports the heavy lifting of up to 2500 kg, while its powerful motor and durable battery ensure long-term operational reliability.

  • Superior performance and maximum agility
  • Optimum load distribution
  • Hydraulic lift cylinders
  • Low-noise lifting hydraulics
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Less pollution

The E25A electric forklift performs well in indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to easy maneuvering and an adjustable steering wheel, it enables easy operation and lifting of heavy loads to 3000mm. The forklift is powered by a strong motor paired with a durable battery of 48V/600Ah, which allows for hours-long use and fast recharging.


SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm specification

ModelE25A Electric Forklift
Power sourceBattery
Operation typeSeated-on
Load capacity2500kg
Load center C500mm
Max lifting height3000mm
Free lifting height145mm
Fork size L4 x W x T1070 x 120 x 40mm
Mast tilt angle (F/R) ⍺/β6/8deg
Overall dimension (L x W x H)3320 x 1185 x 2148mm
Outer min. turning radius r2020mm
Max speed (unloaded/loaded)Travel V213/12 (15/14)km/h
Lift V2430/300mm/s
Service (including battery)4100kg


SMITH Electric forklift EA video


Core features of the E25A electric forklift

  • Priority energy flow distribution to the steering system ensures optimal steering
  • Double front wheel brake guarantees safe and reliable braking, which minimizes impact risks
  • The rolling-type duplex telescopic mast maintains position during movement and ensures reliable load transport
  • Advanced hydraulic system powering the forklift ensures smooth operation and safety even in unexpected situations
  • Side access to batteries allows for easier and faster replacement, ensuring continuous operation and higher efficiency
  • A double electric system provides quiet, highly efficient, smooth, and safe control of the whole vehicle
  • The smart panel ensures clear vehicle navigation, provides fast issue diagnosis, and easy set up of the entire vehicle system
  • Optimal performance in a range of conditions, in temperatures between -25°C and +40°C, relative humidity of up to 100%, and altitude of up to 1200m


SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm priceGreat value for the price

Thanks to its high capacity, agility, and durability, powered by the latest hydraulic, steering, and battery technologies, the E25A electric forklift provides the most for its price tag and serves as a reliable machine in demanding working environments.


Highly powerful, durable, and easily replaceable battery

The 5PZS600 battery model with 600Ah capacity and 48V voltage ensures reliable operation and long-term durability. When replacement is needed, the process is straightforward and allows two options: either side or overhead extraction. In the first method, another forklift is used to extract the battery for replacement. In the second method, the battery is pulled by a transfer car and replaced. Since the E25A electric forklift is powered by a relatively light battery, the side extraction is a recommended battery replacement method, ensuring safety and ease during the process.

The battery can ensure normal operation of the forklift in environment temperatures between 0°C ~ 40°C, while the environment temperature of discharge is between -25°C and ~+55°C.


SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm on saleReliable control for safer operation

The E25A electric forklift ensures high control of the operation to enhance security and efficiency.

The electrical forklift uses a CURTIS controller, ZAPI ACE2 motor, and Inmotion controller. The CURTIS controller adopts high-frequency MOS pipe technology, which ensures excellent speed adjustment capacity, better safety, smart performance, and high protection. The controller device accessories include a travel controller, contactor unit, and accelerator. The lifting control adopts dual-speed pump control, which has no mechanical contact points, reduces the starting impact, and has a long service life.


SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm best priceSmart display

E25A electric forklift comes with a smart display connected to the vehicle system via a CAN bus. It provides diagnosis and enables setup for the entire vehicle system. It allows for reading or modifying the settings of modules to ensure optimal performance and reduce risks.

The interface enables interaction through the main page or submenus and delivers information on battery power, vehicle speed, current mode, and traction hour meter.

Adjustable travel mode allows for optimization of movement and battery use. The forklift works in three modes: a default economic mode (E), a strong mode (P), and a slow mode (S).

The smart panel interface allows the operator to detect errors or faults by displaying fault information in order to halt the operation and mitigate damage.


Easy to use and navigate

This agile electric forklift is highly powerful and requires trained and licensed staff to operate it. To ensure the normal use of the forklift, make sure only trained and qualified staff can perform maintenance and repair of the machine and its parts.

  1. SMITH Electric forklift E25A 2500 kg 300 cm

    Check the control and alarm device before starting. If there are broken or defective parts, the operations should be halted until repaired.

  2. Insert the fork under load fully and keep it on the fork evenly. Do not lift the load with a single fork. Do not attempt to lift loads of excessive weight.
  3. Start, turn, run, brake, and stop the machine smoothly. It is necessary to decelerate, especially when operating on a moist or slippery surface.
  4. Put the load as low as possible when driving the forklift, and tilt the mast backward.
  5. Be careful when operating the forklift on a slope. When operating the forklift on a slope greater than 1/10, face the forklift forward when climbing and reversely when descending. Do not turn the forklift while on the slope. Do not load and unload goods when driving the forklift downwards.
  6. Pay attention to passersby, obstacles, and uneven surfaces while operating the forklift.
  7. Do not load goods unfixed or with loose stacking. Be careful when carrying loads of large size.
  8. Before leaving the seat, actuate the hand brake and keep it in position. Place the fork on the ground, put the gear shifter in neutral, and shut down the engine or switch off the power.
  9. When parking the forklift on a slope, actuate the parking brake and fix it. When parking the forklift for longer periods of time, place wedges under the wheels.

SMITH Electric forklift EA benefits

  • Zero-Emission
  • Zero-Pollution
  • Low-level vibration
  • Low Operation costs
  • High-Efficiency
  • High-Quality

Most advanced 3-phase full AC technology in SMITH electric forklift range combining the Italian ZAPI electric controller, ZAPI-SUPEREC AC motor, and HAKWER battery, as well as the excellent hydraulic system. These features guarantee your material handling becomes easy and the most cost-efficient.

The Energy Regeneration Function extends extra 15% working hours, which provides the possibility for your tough and long time working conditions.